Control Rhythmbox remote with Android

update May 17th 2010: This project is now hosted on github: The new version can be run as a Rhythmbox-plugin. As soon as it is stable I will provide a Debian Package for installation. Until then you may use the old version or check out the current version from the repo.

This is a small Python Server, which allows you to control Rhythmbox from your mobile phone running Android. It is compatible with the Android App Banshee Remote from Nikitas Stamatopoulos which is available from the Android Market. Feel free to report bugs and share ideas to info at navarin dot de

[Rhythmbox can also be controlled using the DLNA/UPnP plugin in combination with AndroMote. As these applications aren't working properly at my system, I offer this plugin as an alternative.]

Install package python-dbus
run python
run Banshee Remote on your phone

Download: v0.1 (20090620)

Known bugs:
Repeat and Shuffle are not working, as Rhythmbox doesn't allow to control them via dbus.

Next steps:
. rewrite the server as rhythmbox-plugin (partly done on github)
. rewrite android app for better rhythmbox integration and extended functionality